In anticipation of our 25th wedding anniversary in July 2009, we knew  we wanted to celebrate in thanksgiving.  We couldn’t afford a big party, but yet that wasn’t what we wanted to do anyway.  We  wanted to do something, but what?    Our Tuesday night bible study group had gone through the “Love and Respect” series earlier in the year.  What we had learned in that series really spoke to us individually and as a couple.   A desire to share the “Love and Respect” concepts with others had seeded into our hearts.  But how, and when?

LIGHT BULB!!  We would host a free “Love and Respect” seminar for our family and friends in celebration of our 25th anniversary.  And since we’re doing it for our loved ones, we might as well invite the rest of the Kauai community.  An article in the Garden Island newspaper appeared the day before the seminar took place. The seminar would run for 8 weeks.   Would anyone come??

Well, only a few of our family and friends came, but many people from the community came.  Our first Love and Respect Kauai started with over 40 people in attendance.

Attending a “marriage” seminar in a small community can be perceived as an “uncomfortable” event to attend, because many assume that “everyone will think we are having problems in our marriage”.   So we vowed to make the experience as “painless” as possible. Those attending would NOT be asked to share their feelings or write in journals.   It would be like a movie night.  We would welcome people in, Tim would press the button for the dvd and  I would turn off the lights.  At the end of the evening we would say “good night and see you next week”.

Tim Lynn Sarah Emerson.jpg

In January 2014, Dr. Emerson and Sarah Eggerichs, creators of “Love and Respect” visited us on Kauai because they heard about the “L&R buzz” happening on the island.

It is safe to say that we have hosted over 50 Love and Respect classes, for a group or just for a couple.

Who would have thought that this idea, 12 years ago, would blossom into an islandwide marriage  outreach. We are often stopped and asked about the “marriage classes” that we do.  People email us, call us on the phone,  and couples and singles have come from Hanalei to Kekaha to watch the Love and Respect series.  Even visitors come and attend these classes while on vacation.

Love and Respect is  a 5 week dvd series, based on the bible scripture, Ephesians 5:33, which basically says, “men must love their wives, and wives must respect their husbands”. This series has brought back “hope” for many Kauai marriages.

The message is powerful and real.  The concepts are liberating.  The principles are  simple and complicated, all at the same time.  And mostly, truth is revealed…in a way that we can accept our differences as male and female, through love and respect.    Dr. Emerson Eggerichs,  creator and author of Love and Respect,  is captivatingly witty while being truthfully revealing.  You will want to see this at least once!  Or maybe you will become a groupie, like us!!

Tim and Lynn  Mira

3 Responses to About

  1. Love and Respect Summer 2018 classes will start, July 11, 2018, Wednesday night, 7-8:30pm. Register here: https://loveandrespectkauai.com/register/

  2. Yes, you are registered for the Love and Respect class in Lihue, April 10.
    Will send you reminder email as we get closer to the date. 🙂 L Mira

  3. Michelle Fernandez says:

    Hi registered on-line and wanted to confirm for Beau and Michelle Fernandez for the Lihue location in April.

    Thank u!!

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