Thank you so much for bringing this invaluable teaching series to us.  We would highly recommend it to other couples, at any stage of their relationship…married a lifetime, or those contemplating marriage.  What a gift to offer us this introduction to a winning relationship!   2023

The L&R series helped both my husband & I to open our eyes and to further understand each other and why we react the way we used to and how to now react in loving ways.  I wish I watched this L&R series sooner so I could’ve treated my husband better in the ways that he deserves instead of undermining his emotional spirit because he wasn’t as vocal about his emotional feelings.   The L&R series has helped our marriage tremendously, especially to further understand each other.   2023

Aunty Lynn and Uncle Tim, the Love & Respect program is awesome.  It has opened me and my wife’s eyes and helped us understand each other.  Being apart of this program has showed me all the things I have been looking past.  I can say that just by knowing my problems and understanding my wife better has made a noticeable improvement on our marriage.    2023

I really enjoyed the Love and Respect seminar – it shed light on how much I’ve missed the mark on loving or rather, respecting my husband the way Christ commands.  I understand a new way to honor my husband in conflict, communication , and in the way we love our family.  I respect my husband’s commitment to come to L&R, especially knowing how tired he is after his workday and I recognize his respect for our marriage and love for me to show up.  Thank you 🙂 See you next conference :)!!  2023

Although I knew many of the truths that were shared, I chose to ignore them.  This series has helped me see that I can’t ignore them any longer.  I do love my wife but don’t always show it to her.  I will certainly try to love her with Christ looking over her shoulder.  I am thankful that Christ, at the moment of salvation, gave me a NEW heart and He lives in it!  He has made me perfect forever, but is in the process of making me holy! (renewing my mind)   2023

Great and learned a lot!!!   2023

I enjoy how the L&R series is a refreshing reminder no matter how many times you watch it. Thank you for still hosting and allowing us to watch this series as a small group. I feel that is is very impactful watching the series together with others.  This was something we both looked forward to doing together every week.  We hope to participate in this again 🙂    2023

Keep on doing it!  It is still very relevant especially in today’s society.  Pinks and Blues are so different, but need each other.  The more couples understand this, the more marriages will survive, and kids can grow up believing the same in the future generations.   2023

This has been the absolute “Best” most truthful, biblically based marriage conference we have ever been to! And we have been to many over our 48 years of marriage! Very excited for this new start to our lives together!!   2023

On a scale of 1-10, I would rate the course of instruction a solid 8.  Material and information was so insightful and my only issue is digesting and retaining the truth of this instruction.  Definitely have realized that I will need another round to remind me and refresh!  Thanks.    2023

Love the way you do this study with lights out and an easy way in and out.  It is a serious, convicting subject – so thank you!  2023

We were both very pleased, encouraged, affirmed and equipped by the series. Lots of Godly wisdom and personal application. Thank you so very much for your continued ministry which I’m sure is helping to heal and strengthen marriages in our community.   2021

Information was good and understanding the info and knowledge I learned is something I’ll never forget. Thank you!   2021

I feel like this class has not only deepened my connection with my spouse, but also my connection with Christ.  I appreciate that this class gave me a deeper understanding to why I am the way I am and why my spouse is the way he is….and better yet, how I may better communicate with him and how he may better communicate with me.   2021

I have attended L&R classes before,  but for the second time, some thing were revealed to my spirit that I can use in my current relationship.  Now to show Love and Respect unto the Lord and to be an example to my daughters.  Thank you Lynn and Tim for holding these classes. God Bless you both!   2021

The Love and Respect classes have made me and my wife more positive and loving towards each other as long as we put God in everything we do.  Amen.   2021

Truth and Love.   2021

Thank you Tim and Lynn for your dedication to this ministry.  The L&R series is highly recommended! Reality experiences well explained in a humorous way.  Please take the time to glean from this awesome ministry.   2021

Humorous and profound.   2021

We really enjoyed this video series because it reminded us of how different we are and if you put God first in your marriage,  he will carry you through any situation.  2020

Eye -opening, spirit filled.  Extremely educational and humbling.   2019

Very eye-opening and amazing.  I learned so much about ways to respect my husband, especially when I feel unloved.  It’s the hardest to have respect for someone who has said unloving and unkind words, but if I say them to Jesus, it is easy.  Thank you for taking the time out of your lives to help make our lives better.  2019

So good, amazing!  Thank you.  See you next year!    2019

I feel this is a must for anyone about to get married or is married.  This has already benefited our marriage in so many ways. This is something the Lord has convicted me of, my lack of respect for my husband, at times. My husband and myself are so much more understanding of each other because of the biblical teaching provided! We are forever Blessed because of this class!  Thank you for providing this.  I will tell anyone I meet about to get married this is a MUST!!!    We truly looked forward to this every Monday and sad to see it go.  😦               2019

Well done! The illustrations and stories convey what a marriage  for a man and for a woman should be. The word of God is powerful and the series show what God thinks towards us individually.  Again, Well Done!  Praise God!  2019

I attended L&R with every being in me convinced that my husband will FINALLY learn something.  I was absolutely convinced  that I was right and he was wrong.  Talk about being completely mistaken.  Neither of us are wrong – just different!   2019

This Love and Respect  series has such a universal connection to my wife and I.  It felt as if it was speaking just to us, in a language of understanding that only we understand.  The most amazing part of that is that we definitely know that L&R WILL reach out to every and anyone that opens their heart and fills part of it with another human being that shows even a small percentage of care back. If one takes the time to watch it, then there is nothing less than hope and love to be enlightened between the two.  2019

Love and Respect was not only enlightening, but also so relatable. I would definitely recommend to couples of all ages.  It really opens your eyes to the different perspectives. 2019

Took me awhile to come to the session, but I’m glad I did.  Gives you so much insight and perspectives from both sides of the relationship.  It’s nice to know and comforting that we’re not alone and everyone goes through the same problems and situations.  Ultimately loved this and it is a positive step for our future. “We’re not wrong, just different.” Mahalo!  2019

I very much enjoyed and appreciated this course.  It has helped both of us to be more aware of ourselves and how we interact with each other.  It is also great to be able to have a shared vocabulary to be able to express ourselves. The car rides home have been great with all of the discussions!  Thank You!  2019

We have really enjoyed going through this series. It has been wonderful, helpful, challenging and encouraging.  We’ve already suggested it to friends and family and purchased “Love and Respect for the Family” to go through with our children.  Thank you.  2019

  • Such a great teaching; not only for married people, but for every adult!
  • I’ve learned things I never knew about a man and I now have a better understanding that God made us different and we react to each other in different ways.  2019

The Love and Respect class was eye-opening and insightful for both myself and my spouse.  We enjoyed discussing each session on our way home each week and opened up to each other more.  This is a course that I will encourage my friends and family members to participate in, in the future.  2019

I really enjoyed these sessions.  There was a lot of good insights on marriage and how to handle certain situations within the marriage.  2019

Great series for a second consecutive time.  We appreciate the help, knowledge and loving hospitality.  You Guys Rock!   2019

This has been a blessing to our marriage.  We will definitely be back!  Mahalo!  2019

I have been very excited every week to come to Love and Respect.  Every week I learn something new.  I like it very much.  2019

Love and Respect is an awesome thing  I have been a part of.  I believe this experience  has inspired me emotionally and spiritually to be a better person  to my woman and Jesus.  2019

Very insightful and encouraging.  Wish I ‘d seen it when I was young.  Thanks!  2019

It opened my eyes.  I loved it.  It humbled me.   I would definitely recommend this to couples who are stuck in the “crazy cycle”.  Thank you so much.    2019

Spot on!        2019

I believe every couple needs to attend this 5 week class.  I tell everyone about it and that me and my husband decided to attend and each person asked, ‘Why?”.  My response was “Why not?”. It could do no harm…We have heard and learned a lot!    It’s information you know, but to hear it in words that Dr Emerson Eggerichs shares is POWERFUL,  deep heart and brain food.  Makes you think and to want understanding, communication and happiness!   2019

I’ve learned a lot about myself from this course and I feel like it is relevant information that I can apply not only to my marriage but it applies to all  interactions, irregardless of gender.  I recommend this to everybody, there is only positive to gain from this course. 🙂 2019

Amazing video series that rings true to everyday life in marriage.  I feel the material that is covered sheds a completely new light to so many things.  Incredibly refreshing and potentially life changing.  Can’t recommend it enough.  Do your marriage a favor and check it out.   2019

I think it is a wonderful, thought-provoking tool.  I think of my (now divorced) sister and her husband, and I would love for them to be able to see this.  It is a balanced perspective;  refreshing toward reality (men and women).  It is also a great witnessing tool from a genuine pastor.  2019

Great welcoming environment. Come, if even one foot out the door.  2019

Thanks for the enlightening thoughts and for helping me better love and understand my spouse.  It was very insightful and encouraging as newlyweds.   2019

As a newlywed couple who also embarked on a recent remodeling project, we were overwhelmed and falling into the “unloving and disrespectful” cycle,  right around the holidays, we were both losing sight of why we enjoyed being together.  This class came as a blessing and reminded us of the reasons why we committed our lives to each other, and how to enjoy that commitment and make it last.  “Love and Respect”…so powerful.   2019

Excellent speakers with extraordinary expression of an important subject.  So understandable and deeply felt.  I am determined to work on it and looking to Jesus.  I want my “cha-chings”!   2019

We’ve lived on this island 7 years and I have done the L&R series 7 times before! The content of this message is so deep, so profound, so compelling that it needs to be repeatedly watched in order to have the most impact on the marriage.  The concepts and applications are so unique that it will guarantee to improve your marriage.  Emerson’s examples, humor and animations will keep your attention!     2019

L&R is an amazing encouragement to keep on keeping on with being able to love and revere Jesus, and be loving to my wife.  This is my 8th time, and I need to reinforce these truths in my being.     2019

This class was extremely helpful and a learning experience.  I was moved by what Emerson said; very real in my life. I would and will take this program again, next time.  I was touched and moved by his sayings.  2019

This class was very interesting and learned a lot.  Looking forward to applying what we have learned. I think it will help our relationship and to better understand each other. 2019

I thought this course was funny, true and very informative.  Very helpful.  Leading to the ultimate formula to a healthy relationship ~ Jesus.   2017

Great series to help you get a better understanding of what your spouse needs.  It’s  fun and real.  Everything is relatable.  The Reward Cycle explains simply that marriage tests our relationship with Jesus.  It’s not really about what our spouse does or doesn’t do.  It’s about our obedience to Christ.  2017

Awesome teaching that can be applied both to marriage, family and life in general.  Eye-opening!  Helped my husband and I communicate about our differences in a way where we both could understand.   2017

Very helpful. Emerson is a wise and great storyteller and he brings Christ awareness and presence and understanding.  Thank you for having us.    2017

  • very helpful with practical tips
  • even tho it has been the 3rd time I’m seeing this, it is good to be reminded and I learn new things from it every time.    2017

Each time I attend this seminar I’m always learning and seeing things that I never saw or knew before.  This is true “medicine for your marriage”.  2017

This was an eye opener, ear opener, heart opener for me.  I truly have a new outlook on my relationship with my spouse and Jesus.  I’m gonna practice the things I learned.  2017

It was wonderful. Learned a lot.  Highly recommend it. Thank you Uncle Tim and Aunty Lynn for taking time out of your day to hold this service.   2017

The Love and Respect series has had a profound positive effect on our marriage and my personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  In fact, it has unquestionably saved my marriage from failure and divorce. Learning the scriptural basis of this series has made all the difference in the world to me and my wife.  I love that I learned that it is God’s will and covenant to love my wife and that it is not optional.  2017

I feel a deeper sense of appreciation for my girlfriend, knowing that loving her unconditionally deepens our relationship.  I have discussed this series with her, who could not attend the series, and she is looking forward to experiencing a deepening relationship when we are together again in 5 weeks.  2017

Always an excellent process and experience.  2017

Great.  I see changes in myself & my spouse.  I am more aware of: 1) working on respecting his position 2) doing all things as unto the Lord   3) keep up the “ministry”  4) I’m not wrong, just different & so is my spouse.  2017

I learned how to understand my wife more. 2017

WOW! This was a great series.  I am so thankful we were able to watch this series in the younger years of our marriage.  It is amazing the differences between a man and a woman and the way they think and feel.  This series helped me realize that God made us this way and we must learn to love and respect each other to honor God.  It is not about being right or wrong.  It’s about God and what He has called us to do.  God gave us each other to help one another and to love one another.  I encourage other couples who are married or planning to get married to watch the Love and Respect series.  2017

We saw this series maybe 10 yrs ago at another church and loved and appreciated it.  We learned a lot and was able to implement some for a long time.  This probably contributed to the longevity of our marriage of 40 yrs.  This time around as empty nesters, we are reminiscing some key point such as,  1.  “NO speaking of the “D” word.  2. No blaming, we are responsible for our own responses. What we respond is unto God, not unto others.      3. Actually, the series can benefit all others, singles, and teens, etc.  Teaching us how to respond to others. Teaches interpersonal relationships with Love.  2017

Excellent!  Good information!  2017

I really enjoyed this program & so thankful we found out about it! It was very helpful & educational in helping us understand each other! Thank you so much & God bless you people for helping us!  2017

We absolutely loved it and can’t wait to do it @ our home church.  We got a lot of tools and skills that worked very well for us.  We are not married yet, but hope to be real soon.  We hope to build a strong foundation together with God as our backbone. 2017

The Love & Respect series have greatly impacted my 15 yrs. of marriage.  It has definitely brought light to everything.  I have gained a greater understanding of my husband’s needs.  It is a must-see for all couples.  2017

  • Good content
  • Biblical wisdom for couples at any stage of marriage
  • Time invested in marriage is well spent  2017

Entertaining, fun, informational, powerful and truthful!  This was an absolute eye-opening series! I am so grateful and forever blessed to finally see it! I recommend it for anyone, married or not! It was so awesome that I plan to attend reruns of the series as a refresher! 2017

I think this class was awesome!  I feel like this class should be taught to all teens so you can bypass all the craziness and hurt . Then you can love each other more!  2017

Appreciated respectfulness of time. Stayed on schedule.  Very helpful information.  Should be prerequisite for teens, engaged couples.  Awesome that you provide childcare at Calvary Chapel Lihue.  2016

Very eye opening and informative.  2016

I think this series was very informative and helpful for myself and my husband.  Respect for a man is not something that is commonly taught and it’s good to know how important it is for my husband to feel respected by me.  It has caused me to change myself for Christ, my children, and my relationship.  Thank you.  2016

Love it, 3rd time. Great to see it and try to put it into action. 2016

I definitely see my husband in a new light.  I’ve learned a lot about myself and him that I believe will help strengthen our relationship.  I realized all I do is unto God, and my husband is irrelevant.  Thank you for hosting this!   2016

It was really great! We loved it & learned so much about ourselves.  This is definitely going to help us with communicating our intentions toward one another.  And also understand how the other is feeling.  I loved Emerson’s teaching and how he related to the men because usually women are concerned & teaching on this subject.  2016

-eye opening, definitely something that you can watch many times and get refreshed.           -impressed with the biblical references and how unchurched and churched people would come as they are and leave changed.  2016

This was awesome.  God used this in a powerful way in our relationship. I highly recommend this Love & Respect series to all married couples, engaged couples, and even singles.  My wife and I have been married for almost 18 years, and I wish we would have had this resource long ago. Thank you for blessing us.  2016

Amazing insight into how men and women think and respond differently.  God has already begun to heal our marriage through this series. 2016

It was great.  I’m not married yet, but there was so much I’ve taken away from this.  For you married couples, I know it’ll be even better.  Emerson is insightful, funny and encouraging.  Please seriously consider sitting in on the seminar.  You will benefit from it.  2016

Awesome! My second time; first time in a dating relationship. Great truths and takeaways. I truly believe this will impact the future.  Love that it’s all Christ-centered.  2016

This was our second time attending the series and found it even more helpful to renew and refresh ourselves and a great reminder.  We look forward to attending more.  2016

Excellent!  Wish we were taught these principles before we were married.  It would have saved us from a lot of pain and heartache.  2016

This Love and Respect series has been awesome.  It opened up my eyes to see situations from my wife’s perspective.  It’s going to motivate me to practice giving unconditional LOVE to my wife.   2016

  • Super motivational insights to female and male emotions and characteristics
  • Insights to tools that is showing a big positive change in our marriage   2016

This class has transformed my heart and will keep changing my heart,  because I know I can’t do this perfect. I am aware of the words that are coming out of my mouth.  I realize that when I am one with God everything else in life will fall in place.  This has been my first time to this class.  There’s been so many eye openers.  I would recommend this to any couple.  2016

We both enjoyed every session! My husband was reluctant in the beginning but now he looks forward to Tuesday evenings!  It was very enjoyable listening to Emerson and Sarah also.  We still have our differences with each other, but we seem to say sorry more often than before.  Tim and Lynn were wonderful hosts and very dedicated and patient!  I loved hearing their stories! We also thank our sweet daughter for signing us up for this class after 42 plus years of marriage!   2016

Very enlightening.  Before this I have truthfully never thought about what God wants from me in relation to my partner.  Love and Respect gave me the spiritual insight and the practical tools to bring the focus back on Christ within the relationship of my marriage and in relating to others.  2016

We love it. Everyone should watch it.  We learned a lot about ourselves and the way we treat each other.  A Big Thank you to Uncle Tim and Aunty Lynn for letting us receive all this wonderful information to utilize in our lives.  2016

The Love and Respect class is an essential part of any married or soon to be married’s toolbox. The course was beyond educational and has changed the scope of how I relate to my husband, especially in conflict.  Not only does it change the scope of your relationship between men and women in marriage, but all relationships; parents and children, siblings, friends and co-workers.  2016

The Love and Respect class really gave me an inside look at how men and women are different. It gives you tips on how to diffuse conflict and to learn forgiveness.  As a guy, I wish my partner wasn’t in the class so I could use all the tricks he gave to us.  Thank you Tim and Lynn Mira.  2016

The Love & Respect program has been such a great experience.  What an eye opener.  I will use the tools and teachings not only to my girlfriend and future wife but to my family and friends as well and more importantly to Christ.  I’ve once again realized this is what it’s all about!  2015

It’s everything Blue & Pink does, but not put into words or define as of now.   It has opened my mind & heart, it has showed my spouse & I to be Respectful & Love towards each other.   We are not married but these classes have brought us more closer than ever & taught us it’s want and effort of each of us to make this happen.  I am Blessed that Jesus has blessed me with my  spouse & the day we make our commitment I will remember its his gift and we do it for him.  God is Good! and these classes are awesome!      2015

In order to achieve “Love & Respect” I have to embrace all things about my partner.  Thank you for helping me to open my eyes more & more every day through God’s will.  Gratefully yours.  2015

I really got a lot from this series, especially the last session which really puts it all into perspective.  It’s not about me, it’s not about them, it is about our relationship and obedience to Jesus. This is something to keep in mind not just for male/female marriage relationships but also each and every relationship we have.  They are all about how we are obedient to Jesus even when others don’t deserve our  Love or Respect. 2015

Very good and novel approach.  At the conceptual level some clarification is in order.  Love, implies doing the right thing, requires some effort.  Respect implies NOT doing the wrong thing.  The old adage that it takes two to tango does not clarify that to do the tango (real), it takes only one to lead.  The culture influence is almost  insurmountable.  2015

Awesome!  I found myself laughing & crying…knowing I’m not alone with all those feelings in this union called marriage.  This has been life saving.  It works!  2015

Such a wonderful eye opener and refresher.   2015

2nd time through in 4 years.  Need it, living it, loving it.  Aloha & Mahalo!     2015

A real eye-opening experience!  I hope to become a better man with all the insights I have gained.  Thanks for a presentation that inspires, enlightens and bring us closer to Christ’s message. 2015

Going through the L&R series for the 2nd time is as inspiring and rewarding as the 1st time.  It’s a good reminder of how we are different and have different needs.  Thank you.  2015

I feel that this L&R series has been very informative.  I especially liked the 4th video.  It explains or informs the guy and girl’s view in a relationship.  2015

My husband and I have been married for 52 years and still continue to love and respect each other very much.  We enjoyed watching the program and picked up many important and great points. We smiled and laughed a lot throughout the program and it has definitely improved our relationship, even after 52 years.  2015

Been married for 52 years and been thru other encounters over the years.  This series has brought me back to what marriage is about.  Love and Respect series has made me realize that this is what it takes to make a marriage more concrete.  It has brought me to this realization that every once in awhile this is what is needed to make one’s life a good life.  2015

I believe the Love and Respect series has helped us improve our communication and respect for one another.  It has made a definite positive impact on our children and has brought a closeness that brings us all together as a family and closer to God.  We feel blessed and grateful to Tim and Lynn for sharing the Love and Respect series, and have learned so much. God Bless Always.   2015

What I was impacted by most is how all this teaching of Love & Respect is delivered directly from the Bible, from the creation of man on through the N.T.! I felt like I do when I finish watching the Gladiator or Braveheart!  Called by Jesus to go into the battle, the battle to Love.  To fight for my relationship with Jesus as I fight to Love my Bride.  This is by far the BEST and MOST EXCELLENT  marriage aid I have ever experienced.  This is the Best!  Men need this!  Brothers, I challenge you to do it, you won’t be disappointed!   2015

  • great practical application
  • great advice, eye opening
  • excited to see how God will work in our lives
  • excited to put what we learned into practice
  • excited to share with others and encourage them to attend next session   2015

I wasn’t sure of what to expect from this L&R session.  After the 1st session, I knew this will be a lesson that will definitely help our marriage.  Looking at the differences and examples really showed me that there is a Lord Savior who believes in us and trust that we, as his children, will commit to being faithful and trustful in His word.   I highly recommend these session to anyone, married, single and dating.  What a wonderful outlook and perspective.  2015

Excellent program.  Helps married couples learn what married life is all about.  As a couple, we need to put God first, then everything would be ok as we follow Jesus Christ.  2015

If you’re in a good relationship, that’s good,  but this “Love and Respect” will help you to make it better.  You will be amazed of what you will know and learn and only wished you knew this knowledge earlier.  2015

This is our 2nd time participating in Love and Respect.  It has been a great experience for us as we continue to learn.  We will definitely return and hopefully our friends and family will join us as well.  2015

Great learning experience.  The tools that were taught was eye opening and every part of it makes sense, and will try to use it daily.  This is the second time completing and I expect and hope to have a refresher every year!   2015

I was very apprehensive coming to the class because I had participated in classes on marriage before.  But this class was different for 2 reason.  1st, I went into class with an open heart as to what I needed to change. 2nd, I understand my role and purpose in my marriage.  I will do this class again.   2015

The Love and Respect class helped me understand that men and women are different.  It also is a tool that helps me when I disagree with my spouse on how to move on.  Most importantly, my role as a woman is to respect my spouse as I would with Jesus.    2015

I think the five series of L&R classes was very informative and timely.  Everyone that wants to understand their spouse better would benefit from this L&R series.

Took 3 times to watch the whole video series, but each time we learned something.

It was very good.  It basically showed how all couples go thru the same problems  at different stages of their relationships!  It was an excellent review of what we should all think about in our marriages and relation with God and our spouse!  So glad my husband came with me!

The L&R series was a great refresher for my wife and I.  We had taken it 6 years ago.  I love when he brought Jesus into the focus as we talk to one another.  It’s about loving Jesus and following Him.  It makes the series come together.  And knowing that we are not wrong, just different.

We have completed a more extensive course years ago, and it was time for a tune up.  We loved it again and again.  Some of the audio was poor.  But all was very good and deeply appreciated.  Hope to do it again and bring friends in a year.

The series was thought-provoking and I appreciated that it was bible based.  People’s experiences and suggestions for daily living made it practical.  I will try to remember that God created men to be respected and how this is manifested by them.  I hope to share some of this information with my married daughters.    What I find challenging is to show my respect unconditionally even without a response since only  “my response is my responsibility”.

Love and Respect has taught us a lot, and changed the way of our thinking.  We look forward to a brand new future!

It was well worth the time.  Thank you.

Very beneficial. Wish we had done this 20 years ago. (Loved the venue and host/hostess at KCF.  Very comfortable and convenient.)

Very good video series.  Well worth the time! I’m glad we came!  Thank you.

From the wife perspective, I am looking at a new perspective of respecting my husband.  It is unto the Lord.  As I fix my eyes on the Lord, I choose to respect my husband.  Will it be easy?  No.  But it is worth it, out of my love to the Lord.

The video series helped put into words what the two of us have been feeling the last 10 years, but were unable to communicate to each other.  The communication of humor, self-portrait, and examples made the topics non-intimidating and allowed us to focus on each other and get better.  (out of island guests)

Thank you.  This series is so powerful.  I believe this is the seed I need to get my priorities right.  It is doing amazing things in my marriage.  As a woman, I see the undoing of what our culture has done to damage the men and their purpose God has put forth.

I really enjoyed the series.  It has been beneficial to my marriage and my parents marriage, as well.  I found many of the principles beneficial in dealing with friends, co-workers, and family.  God has really used Emerson & Sarah in a powerful way.

This series has emphasized important facts that all people should learn.  I sure wish I had been through them earlier in life.  I know when addressing my wife, it is always important to say I’m sorry and ask for forgiveness.  Try and learn to listen and understand what she is trying to convey.  Sort out and thank her for what she is expressing.  Always treat each other with love and respect.

Such a great experience.  I am so thankful that you provide this opportunity for us to grow together as a couple.

I Loved it.  It’s life changing and really works. Not just because they are steps to an easier marriage, but because God commanded it, and obedience is blessed.  Love it.

It was awesome. The sticking to the time, honoring those who were prompt. It was good to have real life examples to relate to in the DVD session.  Thanks for the snacks and the opportunity to help renew marriages in HIS name.   Mahalo Aunty (Sheila) & Uncle (Alfred)

Supa fun & learned a lot. Mahalos.  A lot of the stuff we were fighting over we found out that we are just different & that’s how God made us.

This was so helpful to understand how I’ve fallen & miss out on what God’s calling is in my role as a wife.  Often the dominant culture is contrary to our christian walk,  but I never realized it had penetrated my love so deeply as a wife & daughter.

We look forward to our meetings every Thursdays.  We learned a lot, we applied it to our relationship & it helps (it works).  We will continue to use what we learned. We’ll be back for the next session 🙂

Very insightful, gave specific language and terminology to experiences and events in my marriage.

I am so thankful for how God has used this program to reveal to me about unconditional respect.  God has healed us in many ways through the Love & Respect teachings.  It would be great to discuss more between couples to learn from each other.  I have learned a lot more about a man and his needs, most importantly, honoring God.

The Love & Respect series was a great way to open my eyes & my “Pink Ears” to how both men & women communicate.  Most arguments now make more sense & the way to avoid the craziness has been revealed.  I would recommend this course to anyone in a relationship that is looking to strengthen & improve their relationship.

The L&R classes has opened my eyes to a better marriage.  It has not only brought my husband and I closer but has brought us closer to the Lord.  These classes are amazing and I would love to take the classes again for a recap.  I will definitely share this with others and it is highly recommended.

This Love and Respect conference is phenomenal!  It forces us to look at the challenges of marriage through facts and not emotions, through the eyes of God’s Word, versus man’s culture.  Overall, encouraging and rewarding.

Profound.  Presented in the most reverent way to live the love of God by learning to respect your spouse.  Its’ not about loving or respecting your spouse, it’s about loving and respecting God!  Thank you.

This was much better than I was expecting.  I knew my marriage had ups & downs, but was mostly up.  What Emerson said in the first session about it not only making a bad marriage good, but also a good marriage better, rang true.  Thank you.

This series has opened my eyes to the differences of the male and female point of view  when it comes to love and respect.  As a man, we in a way “demand” respect and at the same time think of “love” as weak.  This series gave me a new perspective of a respectful and loving relationship which I’m sure my wife will definitely be pleased.

Very comfortable and easy-going. I always wondered what Love & Respect was about.  Thanks.

It provided some great insight on how men & women work, helping me to understand my husband’s needs & helping him to understand mine.

It’s a really interesting program to watch.  We both remind ourselves about what we had learned and apply it every time, as  possible.

Love & Respect taught me exactly what I never knew that I needed to know to connect with my husband.  It is a great series and I would recommend this to all married or engaged couples.  It is beneficial for wives & husbands, to provide a positive influence for their children, family & friends. It’s fun and FREE!  Thanks to Tim & Lynn Mira for this great opportunity.

The class is deep with information for people who are thinking about getting married or are married. I only wish I knew this kind of information earlier in life.

Inspiring and convicting.  Wonderful biblical teaching.  I can’t imagine this series NOT helping a struggling marriage or enriching a healthy one.

Amazing, wonderful, we have already used many of the things we learned and will continue!  Thank you!

Thank you for presenting the “Love & Respect” series.  You have given us some powerful tools to use in our marriage.  It’s so healthy and true to see w/ Pink & Blue glasses & understand that we see through different lenses.  You have shared hope with us. God is with us, and with you.  Peace.

I was very thankful to have the opportunity to attend a L&R series.  My husband left me exactly one week before we were suppose to start the series.  I have been using these techniques in the month that he has been gone and been on my knees in prayer every night.  I have felt a renewed kindness in our conversations.  I don’t know if he will ever come back to our family, but the lack of love and respect was prevalent.  And I know the promises of my God will prevail over this challenge.  I am very thankful that someone has put into words what both of us are feeling.  And I will continue to pray for the Lord to continue to work in both of us and bring reconciliation to our family.

I felt that this series was extremely enlightening in many ways. It really helped put a lot of feelings into words (which is super hard for me!) I am a believer with many unsaved friends and I really believe this series can be respected by both.  Some of it they may not take serious, but on the whole, it can be enlightening for both.  Thank you for owning up to the short comings and hypocrisies in the church because it makes it more real to the unsaved.

This presentation was highly encouraging and insightful! Really thankful for scripture based material that addresses men and women in a holistic perspective.

I think the “Love and Respect” series was a very enjoyable learning experience.  It brought to the surface some of the issues that my wife and I are going through.  Now, we find ourselves being more considerate and conscientious about the way we talk and treat each other.  It has inspired me to think before I speak and to be more attentive toward listening to her desires.  Thank you very much. 

From the first night I learned a lot and was telling all my clients about it.  I wish I saw the videos early in my life. It should be watched before you get married.  Thanks so much. I learned a lot, and will always be grateful for the resources and for my husband who joined me.

Very good…gave me a better understanding of how men communicate differently than women, and what is important to each.  I know it will help me with my next relationship, and helped me to know what I could have done better in my past ones.

We really valued the information gained and learned from “Love and Respect” as we have been married for 18 years and over the years have let our marriage stay on the “Crazy”  cycle. This was an eye opener to know that we are on the “Crazy” cycle and it is time to address it and minimize it (the amount of time spent on it).   This series has been easy to understand, the presenters were very interesting to listen to and the class time is reasonable in order to attend all 5 weeks of classes.

At first I was very leery about attending these classes. But Lynn suggested I should try and attend, and that it would help me understand my sons better. So I did, and I think it was the right choice.  After the first class, I already told a few friends that they should go to these classes and that it would help their marriage and help them understand the opposite sex in a better way.  I strongly believe that these classes will help us learn to love each other unconditionally and respectfully. This is a priceless class. 

I LOVE IT!  This is my 2nd time watching the series.  I’ve applied the acronym “CHAIRS” to my life and my relationship.  Thank you Lord, Tim & Lynn.

Very helpful!  Helped me to see our relationship with a new perspective.  The point that stands out most is to stop wishing my significant other to behave or act differently, but instead to focus on how I am acting and treating him.  I’m understanding that if I am more respectful, the love will follow 🙂

  • Easy to follow along and understand
  • Presented in a very non-threatening way for anyone reluctant to attend
  • Good information and easy to apply in baby steps on your own. Not overwhelming, in other words, can be applied to interactions with your kids too!

The videos were entertaining and pertinent to real life.  The topics were very important! The facilitators were helpful, motivating and inspiring.   After trying the suggestions for ways to end the “Crazy Cycle” and “Energize” each other, I have experienced a greater peace and harmony in my marriage.

This series has opened by heart and my mind for what a happy, healthy marriage can be. It has given me ideas how to apply respect towards my husband, peers and friends.  I have a new faith and hope in my life and marriage.  

I was actually surprised at how accurate some of the items covered for both the men and women regarding how to make us understand each other better were.  It actually was a pleasant surprise.

“L&R changed my outlook on marriage. L&R provided me with the knowledge and tools to strengthen my commitment to Christ and my relationship with my wife. We regularly attend new presentations of L&R to keep our marriage relationship strong and growing!”  (10/2013)

  Luis Larzabal

Tim and Lynn,

We attended L&R about a year ago. We loved the seminars! It really laid out what we knew but somehow could not communicate to each other. We already told a lot of our friends and recommended L&R.   It is perfect for any couple whether in trouble or not. We signed up just to hone our communication skills and L&R did just that. The humor that hits home is a great way to approach the topics. We are looking forward to attending again for a refresher.        Mark and Terry  (5/2013)

By the end of the year 2012, my heart and spirit were heavy laden. I was somewhat excited to start another year in my journal, but as I read through all my previous years’ entries I was disgusted with myself.  My complaints (to God only) were the same year after year and I felt exhausted by my own self—the same story year after year.

Bobby & I met in 2002 and had been good friends before we became a couple somewhere during the end of 2006 and beginning of 2007.  I became a Christian at the age of 8, at a youth camp.  I have always loved Christ and knew that He was always with me even through my rebellious years—off and on serving Him through a young marriage, raising children, then through a divorce in 1993. 

Our relationship, Bobby & myself, was near perfect.  We worked well together, had mutual respect for the individual lives we lived and now had, communicated pretty well, traveled well together, and we had a quite an easy time transitioning our blended family of adult children.  We had my son, age 15 (whom he considered his own) still in the home to raise, but our disciplinary challenges were always resolved.  But we weren’t married and lived together.  It was always a struggle for me to serve God knowing that He (always) loved me but was not pleased about our relationship.

I believe we both sensed in our spirit, the need to “fix” something in our relationship.  I had known Lynn & Tim for many years and always wanted to attend the Love & Respect relationship workshop.  The workshop began on January 10th and ended on February 7th.  Bobby agreed to go, but wasn’t too happy when he found out in the first session that it was a 5-week session!  On the day of the second session, he called me to say he wasn’t going to make it.  Gently, I told him that I was going to attend anyway and he showed up at the start of the class.  Near the end of the session, Sheila Ringor, L&R facilitator, offered a handout, “31 Days of Praying for your Husband”.   I was so excited to pray for Bobby—as a man (inserting his name in place of husband).  I prayed each prayer faithfully every day, literally with joy!  It is difficult to explain the feeling I had, to commune with my God and give someone (in secret—good-kine) a gift that has no dollar value.  It’s simply, unexplainable.  I lifted up Bobby as a man of God for the entire month of February.  

God worked in our lives and I truly believe that adversity is a tool from God to refine us, give us a challenge in order for us to grow.  Our experience then becomes a testimony to share and encourage others.  

Zephaniah 3:17 says, The Lord your God in your midst, the Mighty One, will save; He will rejoice over you with gladness.  He will quiet you with His love.  He will rejoice over you with singing.

Bobby wanted to honor God and please Him by loving me the way Christ loves the church.  The L&R class did an excellent job in explaining that  “responsibility”.  We were married on May 10, 2013 and considered it an honor to create a sacred covenant with God.  I can see how God made a good man even better through the power of prayer…and the principles taught through the Love & Respect workshops.   

Kerri Villa Barros

We attended the 5 weeks of Love & Respect in Jan & Feb 2013,  even though we celebrated 48 yrs. of marriage in Jan we still learned some new communication skills plus drew even closer in our conversations and differences in each other _ yet trusting and accepting how God made us female and male and accepting our differences that it is ok to be different!!! Emerson and Sara excellent speakers ( we all loved the humor & every week laughed thru the sessions).
Special thanks to Lynn & Tim Mira for keeping this alive on Kauai and being great supporters of passing it forward. For our leaders Mike & Ann Pierce of Calvary Chapel North for hosting each week & always having the coffee and cookies to greet us. Good attendance by their church family and let’s all keep on going, growing and learning.
Mahalo, Kay and Mike Hayden, Omaha NE

Thank you, Alex and Sandy, for spending your leisure time to improve on others’ relationships. U have undoubtedly made our community stronger by focusing on the basic foundation of how we treat and understand others. With these skills we will make this world a better place for our children and grandchildren and we can have more hope for the future of mankind. Mahalo nui loa!!  (comment from evaluation sheet)

We appreciate that the church offers this course and encourage you to do it again since this is very important for the health of couples and families.  (comment from evaluation sheet)

Alex and Sandy,   Bless you guys for making this available to everyone! Great is your reward in Heaven!  (comment from evaluation sheet)

(xxxx)  & I loved our class and plan on returning for the next class also . We both felt that it helps us realize situations around us and make us more aware on how to approach issues in the right way . We truly loved our classes & plan on sharing with other couples on what we have learned in this wonderful class . We both are looking forward to the next class when it starts up again . thank you for allowing us to participate in this great experience that we have had with Love & Respect !!!!


Aloha Tim & Lynn,

Congratulations on your recent completion of the 15th Love and Respect class of which you were our gracious hosts; and on what has evolved into an island-wide ministry.  To God be the Glory!

Both of you made every effort to ensure that the attendees were comfortable; then the evening proceeded just like your website stated, “Lynn would turn off the lights, and Tim would press the button on the dvd”!  At the end of the evening, as promised, no journaling or sharing was required.  We enjoyed that you shared your personal stories, which indicates that the L&R concepts won’t fix things overnight; but with patience and consistent practice, it’s worth the rewards!

The Love and Respect series is an awesome preventive maintenance approach!  It is so worth seeing at least once!  We went with the notion of wanting to learn how to deal with the other person, yet came away learning more about oneself and why we react the way we do – “not wrong, just different”.  What we thought was a good marriage now has potential to become even better.  More important for us is that we are modeling for our children.

We will watch for your upcoming classes and encourage family and friends to attend.  Who knows, we might just show up again!

We will continue to pray for blessings upon your ministry and will also pray that relationships are strengthened as the “crazy, energizing and rewarded cycles” are revealed!

With Much Love and Respect,

D & V

Hi Lynn and Tim,

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed the series.  It’s been helpful for us to recognize “not wrong, just different.”  Emerson got us out of thought patterns that 37 years together tended to gel.  The new thought patterns are a definite improvement!  A BIG MAHALO to the two of you for giving so generously of your time in this ministry.  In listening to other attendees, I know Love and Respect touched a deep chord in most, if not all, of us.  A friend of mine may come to the series in September.  I told her it starts Sept.2, Wednesday, at 7 p.m., same place.  

 We were planning on giving you a donation towards the ministry tonight: could you please give us your mailing address so we can send it?  Thanks.

 God bless you both!            B&J              

Thank you for sharing the dvd series.  I have learned some from it and if it is held some where else again, I would go attend again.  Takes more than one session like this for it to sink in to years of us living the wrong way with relationships.   (anonymous)

This will need to go on so more people can be exposed to the truth and how relationships was meant to be.    (anonymous)

Aloha, Lynn,
It'(xxx)from the Love and Respect series offered last month. I attended your classes with my friend (xxx). We greatly appreciated the insight and Godly counsel and are promoting the series to friends, I here on Kauai and (xxx) in NY where he’s recently moved.    

Aloha Tim & Lynn,

We also enjoyed the time last night.   Can we request a booklet.  There was so much information that it is useful and pertinent.   Mahalo for sharing with us,

C & S

Aloha Lynn,

Thanks for the email.

Cute story…About a week after the story came out, I met a tourist couple who were celebrating their 45th anniversary. I asked them what their secret was, and they said Love and Respect! They teach their own classes at their church at home. I thought that was very cool.

All the best,


For the past few years, I have heard about the Love & Respect series and was pretty interested, but never truly made time to attend.  This year, was the year that we wanted to make our marriage a priority.  This year marks our 15 year anniversary and as any couple, there was more focus on the kids.

When I heard that Lynn and Tim were offering a class again, I said a little prayer asking Akua to help us get there as the class was that night, our kids had sports practice, homework etc.  God heard our prayer as we managed to get our kids where they needed to be and we were able to attend all five sessions.

From the first session, it really hit home and it really challenged my husband and I to really watch what we say and how we say it.  Not only did it help me to understand how to communicate better, but to reinforce God’s plan for us.

I truly love how the teachings can be applied to all relationships, not just marriage.  As a manager at work, I could see how I could affect people in positive ways.  What is most important to me is to be a good example to our children.

I highly recommend this series for everyone, my `ohana group was so impressed with how much I was able to share with them that they also attended a session and really enjoyed it.  I actually think people should watch it before they are given a marriage license!  Haha!

Tim and Lynn are such gracious hosts.  They share their love for God and for each other with all they come into contact with.  They make you feel comfortable and their stories are hilarious and easy to relate to.  I’m very grateful for their passion to share Love and Respect with everyone and don’t ever ask for anything in return.  Their Aloha runs so deep and I am so honored to have been a part of it.

Mahalo,    T

I would recommend movie night with L&R series it has been a great help to my husband  and I.  It has been an eye opener that my husband needs respect and I love.  We are on the journey of improving our marriage.  L&R concepts are helping.  You and Tim are great facilitators, you make everyone feel welcome and give challenges  to the couples and are transparent with everyone which helps.

 Thanks,  C and L

Hi Tim & Lynn,

I am so thankful for being able to attend the L&R series because it has helped me and my husband understand our differences as a husband and wife a lot clearly. What I like most about the contents of the L&R series is that these are based on the teachings of the Bible.

The presentation was very effective for us because it divides each important information into sessions per week, which are easy to remember.

God intervened in our marriage through you. You have been an instrument helping couples like us who are struggling in these trying times and for this, my husband and I will always be grateful.

May God continue to shower you both with passion and commitment in helping not only couples like us, but also other couples who would like to hear L&R series in the future.

Sincerely,   (xx & xx)

This was the second time in two years that my wife and I attended Tim and Lynn Mira’s presentation of the Love and Respect series.  My wife and I were recently married, with both of us having been married previously.  We recognized that many of the challenges we had in our previous marriages were due to our misunderstandings of the opposite sex, and wanting the most out of our marriage, we are committed to learning as much as possible as to how to avoid or minimize these issues. 

To say that the Love and Respect series is enlightening is as understated as to suggest that Kauai is a nice place to live.  Even after seeing the series for the second time my wife and I would look at one another in amazement, saying “that’s why you do that!”, or “now I understand why you thought I meant that!” 

Tim and Lynn are wonderful facilitators, typical more-than-friendly Kauai neighbors, with a genuine desire to help their fellow Christians.  Even more valuable is the fact that they present themselves as a normal couple, with normal challenges, hoping to make their marriage better by helping others. 

We will definitely do it again soon.


L&R should be required viewing for anyone wanting to obtain a marriage license!!

Aloha Tim and Lynn,

  Thank you so much for once again putting on Love and Respect.  It seems the more we take this class the better it gets!  Mike and I have taken the class 3 times, and the time we held the seminar at our church, Kauai Christian Fellowship, it had such a great response we were thrilled that so many couples came out to discover new ways to relate to their spouses using God’s tools and His word.  You two have such a great ministry and I am hoping that many other churches get on board with this series.  It can touch the hearts of believers and non believers.  Many thanks for all your hard work for His Kingdom.

 Mike and Susie Wellman

Hi Lynn and Tim,

Thought you would enjoy knowing. . .

When i dropped off my son to preschool this morning, his teacher was telling me how glad she is that she’s going to L&R and how good it is to hear and learn all of the information! And that it is even helping her and giving her insight as a teacher.

You guys are impacting so many lives for God by showing these videos! Praying with you that God will continue to bless many lives, marriages, and families through this ministry and that His name will be glorified.


p.s. wouldn’t it be great if lots of teachers had the opportunity to see the videos?!


God bless you for what you and your husband are doing. For the first time in 40 years I feel that MY needs are being considered and met. God has a special reward for you in heaven.


Aloha Tim and Lynn,

Thank you for sending all of these reminders and upcoming events.  Hopefully we will be able to attend more in the future.

I just wanted to share with you that after our Love and Respect education classes…..and I do stress “Education”…I believe that our relationship has grown much deeper.  It seems that we don’t take things as personal as we used to.  So when we get “irritated” with each other – it’s just that “irritation” – not angry, or out of control feelings…I was famous for “out of control feelings”….

One thing that I specifically wanted to share – (xxxx) and I agreed that no matter what happens during the week – like if we are “irritated” at each other – we will still attend church together.

We don’t live together, so when we would have an “event” he wouldn’t come to church.  But I noticed that if I am irritated and attend church, of course I start to feel bad and must forgive.

So we have agreed, that no matter what – church on Sundays together seems to resolve issues and it reminds us to live like the Lord would – live and forgive….

Anyway – just thought I share this with you – because you have touched so many lives with your classes – and have absolutely touched ours.

God Bless You!

Good Morning:

My name is Mxxx L.  and I have attended the Love and Respect seminars twice. The tools knowledge and understanding I now have help me in my marriage in many ways. The first thing I realized previously in my life when I had been disrespected by family and friends, Whether it was deserved or not. I was unable to deal with it. I now know that I need to step up and be the mature one in the relationship to start the healing process by loving the ones disrespectful not because they deserve it but because they need it.

When my wife, friend or co-worker talks with me I will stop what I am doing and actually engage by looking directly at them listening not just hearing what they have to say. Not always but with todays tech savvy world we live in if someone is actually going to talk with you it may have more than a little importance to them. In a nut shell I have learned that men and women are different and that’s ok it is not wrong. I have also learned that shutting down, holding grudges, and building anger scars the relationship more than needed and more repair work is in the waiting.

The seminars make you look at how you react to situations and provide positive solutions on how to react to them. I have learned to be more loving, forgiving and by no means perfect I listen  better than I have before due to the seminars. I thank the Mira’s for dedicating so much time and energy with this program. If you haven’t attended yet, put down your I-Pad, your lap top your cell phone or whatever is taking up all of your time and just listen for a few hours a week for 5 or 6 weeks. It’s a worth while time investment.

God Bless 

M. L.

The L/R content was great!  Very convenient as a movie night and bring your own food setting, for me, it was great for I had to view my wife’s interest and not only mine (would have been better if she attended as well),  both of you are great facilitators, perhaps get weekly testimonies at the end of the sessions, prayer requests for the couples especially that are struggling to stay together and later, praise reports through follow ups.  YOu guys are the best!  God bless your hearts to serve the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords!  Love you guyz!


Love & Respect endorsed by Kauai Clinical Psychologist

One of the first things I ask couples who come in to my office for counseling is, “Have you attended Love and Respect with Tim and Lynn Mira?” This DVD series utilizes humor while presenting essential principles for building healthy, successful marriages. I highly recommend this for not only struggling couples, but also for those desiring more in their marriage. My husband, Mark, and I have been through the program four times. Each time we gained insight and received tremendous Blessing in our relationship. Just Go For It! (You’ve only got unhealthy relational patterns to lose!)

 Dr. Valerie Willman  
Ph.D. Licensed Clinical Psychologist,  office at Kauai Bible Church, Omao, Kauai, HI


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  8. Chacha Negrete says:

    We have been married for 36 years and have a great marriage based on love and respect. Even though we had been practicing love and respect all through our marriage we didn’t have a grasp of what we were doing in order to share with other couples when we were asked what we did to have the type of marriage we had.
    This program reinforced what we already do and made it clear in a respectful, entertaining and to the point God’s wisdom for husbands and wives.
    We were blessed to have attended and look forward to hosting this series in our area soon.
    Robert and Chacha

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