Just finished our 10th year of hosting Love and Respect on Kauai

Ten years ago, we hosted our first Love and Respect series.  We do it like a movie night, usually held at our church ( no rent).   Lights out and snacks in hand.   You attend 1 night a week for 5 consecutive weeks.   No journaling.  No sharing.   Just a night out with your significant other or as a single.   Sometimes we provide childcare when we can find someone to watch the kids.  This last class we had about 21 adults  and 10 kids in childcare.

So that means, we (Tim & Lynn), have watched this Love and Respect dvd series over 50+ times!!   And you know what, we still don’t get tired of watching it.  As it has spoken into the lives of  many Kauai residents, and even visitors…..it still continues to speak into our own lives and marriage.

Read the reviews that we have accumulated through the 10 years. 

Love and Respect reviews

If you have not yet attended,  keep watch on this site or on FB (TimLynnMira) for our next class.

Love and Respect…..coming soon!

About loveandrespectkauai

Tim and Lynn Mira host Love and Respect small groups via a 5 week dvd presentation in the hope of helping marriage relationships. Based on Christian principles.
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