1.      Do I have to be married to attend?

Answer:  No, you do not have to be married to attend.   We encourage everyone to attend.   Although this class is specific for married couples,  any male/female relationship ( such as parent/child, boyfriend/girlfriend, employer/employee, etc. )  can benefit from these classes.

2.     Do I have to attend with my  spouse?

Answer:  We recommend that you attend with your spouse to get the best benefit from this class.  However, if your spouse cannot or will not attend, your relationship can still benefit greatly by your attendance, without your spouse.

3.     I really want to attend, but my spouse doesn’t.  How can I get my spouse to attend?

Answer:  We have been asked this question many times. 🙂 We suggest that you ask your spouse to at least attend the 1st class with you.   Next, you provide an option… tell them, “if you don’t like the 1st class, then you don’t have to continue…and no questions will be asked”. Giving them an out makes it easier on them. (Most people choose to continue ) However, IF they choose not to attend, you honor their decision without making them feel guilty…with LOVE and RESPECT

4.     Is verbal participation required?

Answer:  No one is required to talk.  You don’t even have to give us your name, however we ask for contact information so that we can send you email reminders,  additional Love and Respect info  or to inform you of schedule changes.

5.      What if I can’t attend the 1st class?

Answer: We highly recommend you attend the 1st class because it lays down the foundation for  the whole series.  Each class builds upon the previous class.  Sometimes  we have more than one location offering L&R (on different nights).   In that case,  you can make up a class at another location.

6.     Is Love and Respect only for troubled marriages?

Answer:  No.  Love and Respect can help improve a good marriage and can also help to repair a struggling marriage.   Actually, Love and Respect is most effective for a helping a good-willed husband and wife get out of a stagnant or “crazy cycle” situation.

7.     I am currently separated and  proceeding with divorce.  Should I attend Love and Respect, or is it too late?

Answer:  We believe it is never too late to renew or restore a marriage relationship.  However, there is no guarantee that watching  Love and Respect will fix your marriage. We do believe, though, that incorporating the principles of Love and Respect, and with God’s help, there is a possibility to save the marriage.

8.  Do you have childcare?

Childcare provision is dependent upon each  location and the host couple. Please call 332.7406 or email:  register@loveandrespectkauai.com to find out whether it is provided for the location and time you are interested in.

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