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To register for a Love and Respect class:

For more info (from a guy’s perspective) :

For more info (from a gal’s perspective) :

12 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Shy says:

    I was just wondering where and when would the next class be on the westside?

  2. Dorothy Dutra says:

    Do u offer classes for singles, widows, or divorcees? Will u be having one on the east side or Lihue?

    • The class is beneficial for singles, widows, divorcees, as well as married people. We do not have any classes scheduled for the eastside or Lihue at this time.
      Check back at this site from time to time for future classes. Thank you.

  3. Niko says:

    May I have information on the next class in the Koloa area. I am off tue-thur nights.

  4. Tanya says:

    I missed the registration for October, would you happen to know when the next series will start?

  5. Emi says:

    Wondering when/where the next class will be, 2018..?

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