Upcoming 2019 “Love and Respect” classes.

We are just finishing up the Jan-Feb 2019 classes.   Future classes have not yet been scheduled.  If you would like to be notified of any upcoming classes, please send us your email address and we will contact you as classes become available.

Also, if you would like us to host a “Love and Respect” class for a group of people,  please contact us and we will try to make it happen.  To host a group, you will need:

  1.  Location to host event
  2. Commit to 1 night  (1.5 hrs) a week for 5 consecutive weeks.
  3. Big screen tv and audio for an enjoyable sound.


  • Tim or Lynn Mira, 808.332.7406
  • Email:  loveandrespectkauai@gmail.com

About loveandrespectkauai

Tim and Lynn Mira host Love and Respect small groups via a 5 week dvd presentation in the hope of helping marriage relationships. Based on Christian principles.
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